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transform your space,  transform your life


My goal is to enhance the way you live by creating bespoke atmospheres that allow a new lifestyle adapted for each client.



My passion for the detail is that special added touch that your property needs to be unique and personal.



Bring your vision to life with my professional help.  I will design the spaces that are most important to you by providing inspiration and new ideas, while incorporating elements of your liking into every concept I present.

Practical hands-on approach to help you with your home as much or as little as you need, from one room to a full home renovation.


If you have a project in mind, I would love to hear it and we can discuss the level of service you need.



I am old school and believe in creating concept boards to ensure you fully visualize the space and can touch and feel the fabrics and materials so there are no wrongs.



I can also give advice taking into account furniture you may treasure, artwork you love, the available light and architectural features.

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