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Home Staging

Home Staging is the global  no. 1  technique to encourage Sales and Lettings

Home Staging con sombra.png

It consists of exposing the hidden talents of a property, by improving its qualities and creating a high added valued space, all of which, significantly reduces the sale time.


It is an investment that returns excellent results


How does it work:


The aim is to persuasively present the property in a professional manner in order to increase its communicative impact.   This will enable and facilitate the sale.


This study involves analyzing the space so that is well-proportioned, with appropriate lighting and colour balanced.   We will then design solutions which, in a mínimum time, will create a harmonious atmosphere and increase the selling potential.    With the targeted audience in mind, I will assess the property’s strong vs weak points and accordingly produce a tailored budget.


The final step is a professional photo shoot, which will help to present the property in the market.

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